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Pub Dog, Where Dogs Bring Their Owners

“Pub Dog Colorado is Colorado’s FIRST and ONLY dog-approved eatery and outdoor play park. They’ve created an inviting area indoors for you to eat, drink and have fun with your dog, creating an experience you both can enjoy year round!”

We love featuring fabulous local businesses, like Pub Dog, but we also like giving you a closer look into who these wonderful local business owners and leaders are. From Pub Dog, here is owner Tara’s answers to the three questions we ask each interviewee.

When it comes to your business, what are you most excited about for this next year?

We are most excited about being able to grow within the Colorado Springs market so more of our community can enjoy our concept.

What's your favorite place in Colorado Springs?

Our favorite place is Bear Creek Dog Park. Most of our employees are there multiple times per week! It's right up the street from us so it makes it easy for all of us to use frequently...and its AMAZING.

What's saving your life right now? (It can be silly, serious, or anything in between!)

PUPPIES!! It must be something in the air right now, but everyone seems to be getting a puppy. It's been cuteness overload at Pub Dog recently and for me personally, having had to put my fur baby down in April, has just been feeding my puppy fever....(I bring home a new baby NEXT WEEK!!!!).

Be sure to watch Episode 11 to hear about all this amazing and unique local restaurant and dog park has to offer! Enjoy a local craft beer or house-infused cocktail while you hang out on their patio under large shade trees or socialize your dog in their fenced off-leash area.

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