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The Authentic, Organic & Locally Sourced Crêpes You'll LOVE

We love featuring fabulous local businesses, like Colorado Crêpe Company, but we also like giving you a closer look into who these wonderful local business owners and leaders are. From Colorado Crêpe Company, here are co-owner Leah Shockley's answers to the three questions we ask each interviewee.

When it comes to your business, what are you most excited about for this next year? 

We are most excited about really digging our feet into the foundation of this city. Pikes Peak Market has afforded us a brick and mortar of sorts as a way to really gain exposure with our business. With an opportunity like this it really allows us to leverage our existence within the community and really share what we are about and the impact we hope to make. 

What's your favorite place in Colorado Springs? 

That’s a tough one. I’m not sure we have a favorite place as much as we have a favorite “feeling”. We tend to gravitate toward the places that emanate a “feel good” vibe. Whether that’s a local coffee shop, a new restaurant or cafe, or a market style essence like Lincoln Center - chances are we will strive to experience those places and continue to support them because they bring a sense of inclusion, diversity, and great energy to this town. 

What's saving your life right now? (It can be silly, serious, or anything in between!)

Mentally checking out! Breaking up the mundane routine has been such an integral part of our success as a business an as individuals. Every few weeks we make it a point to take a break, be it for 24 hours or a short get-a-way. I think as entrepreneurs it’s so easy to get lost in the grind and as such you’re at risk of losing your drive for wanting to create a business in the first place! Those little escapes have helped us reset and 9/10 give us more creative inspiration to bring back to the to Crêpe bar. I think we’d really like to set new standards as [and for] entrepreneurs; being one doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself to accomplish your dream, it’s really about maintaining that balance. 

Be sure to visit Colorado Crêpe Company for the best authentic, organic & locally sourced crêpes in town!

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